Lindsay Meister Chosen to Lead County Court in Columbus

Lindsay Meister Chosen to Lead County Court in Columbus

Lindsay Meister, who previously worked as a paralegal for the Platte County Public Defenders Office, has been selected to serve as Platte County court Clerk Magistrate in Columbus. Meister began job training for the position on October 2, 2023. Her official work as Clerk Magistrate begins November 6, 2023.

“Lindsay is a highly-motivated professional whose education and experience as a paralegal give her a good background for her new position as clerk magistrate,” according to Trial Court Services Director Sheryl Connolly. “Hiring her with time to work with outgoing clerk magistrate Darla Schiefelbein will help to ease the transition.”         

County court clerk magistrates work under the general direction of the presiding county judge supervising, assigning, and directing the work of all staff within the county court. The position carries a high level of responsibility for the people, paperwork, finances, and records of the court. Meister will be responsible for ensuring the efficiency of the court’s administrative functions and for investigating and evaluating potential procedural changes.

Meister will work in the 5th Judicial District with fellow clerk magistrates Carly Noack of Aurora, Jodie Roberts of Osceola, Ellen Faltys of Schuyler, Sheila Beins of Seward, Diane Wagner of Wahoo, Deanne Uhrmacher of David City, Lisa Langan of Albion, Darla Schiefelbein of Columbus, Maria Segura-Rodriguez of Central City, Shirley Stuart-Monroe of Fullerton, and Allison O’Neill of York. Judges Lynelle Homolka, Denise Kracl, Andrew Lange, C. Jo Petersen, and Stephen Twiss preside over the courts and direct the magistrates in the 5th District. The District includes Boone, Butler, Colfax, Hamilton, Merrick, Nance, Platte, Polk, Saunders, Seward, and York Counties.

Meister replaces former Clerk Magistrate Darla Schiefelbein who retires November 3rd after nearly 30 years of service to the court system.