Brokofsky Presented with Exemplary Leadership Award

Brokofsky Presented with Exemplary Leadership Award

On June 11, 2018 at the Probation Chiefs management meeting, Chief Justice Michael Heavican presented Probation Administrator Ellen Fabian Brokofsky with the first annual probation Exemplary Leadership Award, The Ellen Fabian Brokofsky Award.  This is what Chief Justice Heavican said.   

The Supreme Court’s Exemplary Leadership Award, hereby named The Ellen Fabian Brokofsky Award, recognizes exemplary leadership by a probation employee.  The Exemplary Leadership Award is our highest recognition for individual achievement and is awarded when and as circumstances warrant.  This award acknowledges and celebrates exemplary leadership that has a significant and positive impact on the entire Probation system.

Just a few of Ellen’s many accomplishments the past 43 years include:

  • During her tenure as Probation Administrator, Ellen began systematic transformation which was driven by a belief that evidenced-based policies and practices would produce positive individual outcomes in addition to meeting the Probation system’s goals.
  • Specialized Substance Abuse Supervision program (SSAS) for prison-bound felony drug offenders and parolees was implemented.
  • Because of the successes experienced by Nebraska’s early move to EBP on Ellen’s direction and oversight, over the last several years Nebraska’s legislature has leaned heavily on Nebraska Probation in Juvenile Justice Reform and Justice Reinvestment Initiatives.  In both cases, at risk youth and prison-bound adults were diverted from other programs and directed to probation.
  • Her dedication and vision to community safety and behavior change have led to an astounding 15% adult and 25.9% recidivism rate.  More than 70% of all individuals placed on probation are discharged successfully from probation.
  • Ellen has tirelessly given 43 years of service to the Nebraska Probation System while using her extensive knowledge and demonstrated leadership abilities.

It is my pleasure to award the Exemplary Leadership Award for 2018 to Ellen Brokofsky.