Chief Justice Gives Annual State of the Judiciary Address to the Legislature

State of Judiciary

Chief Justice Gives Annual State of the Judiciary Address to the Legislature

Chief Justice Mike Heavican delivered his annual State of the Judiciary address in the Unicameral Legislative Chamber on January 25, 2024.

The speech was delivered at the invitation of the Speaker of the Legislature, Senator John Arch. During his address, the Chief Justice utilized the opportunity to emphasize exceptional leadership within the Judicial Branch, outline priorities for the upcoming year, reflect on the preceding year, and convey pertinent information directly to lawmakers.

The Chief Justice opened his remarks by expressing gratitude to the Legislature for their support of recent compensation and classification studies which have led to more competitive job offerings within the Judicial Branch. He proceeded to emphasize the exceptional judges and support staff within the judicial branch, along with the significance of problem-solving courts, probation, language interpreter services, the Office of Public Guardian, and other Supreme Court offices. The Chief Justice concluded his speech with a cautionary tale from the Kansas Supreme Court, highlighting a system-stifling cyberattack. He pointed out that, without necessary upgrades, Nebraska is equally vulnerable to such threats.

Watch State of the Judiciary or read the speech.

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Full Nebraska Supreme Court attends annual State of Judiciary remarks.  Court members shown are Justice Jonathan Papik, Justice Stephanie Stacy, Justice Lindsey Miller-Lerman, Chief Justice Michael Heavican, Justice William Cassel, Justice Jeffrey Funke, and Justice John Freudenberg.

Chief Justice Heavican and justices of the Supreme Court are accompanied by the Legislative Escort Committee following the State of the Judiciary in the Legislative Chamber.