Chief Justice Leadership Council Addresses Leadership in Changing Times

Chief Justice Leadership Council Addresses Leadership in Changing Times

Chief Justice Leadership Council Addresses Leadership in Changing Times

University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law Dean Richard Moberly served as keynote speaker for the 2018 Chief Justice’s Leadership Council. Moberly was invited for a discussion of leadership through changing times. He outlined the process that the Law College pursued in developing initiatives in recent years, noting that much was accomplished through reaching out to organizations beyond the College itself. 

He was quick to note that Nebraska courts are in a good position for successful problem solving through new and existing multi-disciplinary groups that exist within the system: committees, commissions and workgroups of the court system.

Moberly noted, “… the Commissions you have formed are doing important work in this very style of bringing together stakeholders to work on complicated problems.” He continued comparing the similarities of legal work to greater issues in problem solving.  Referring to his experiences with the Law College he added, “In short we did what lawyers are trained to do – we were curious, we understood our situation because of a clear-eyed view of the facts, we listened to people, we were creative, and we understood how we might fit into a larger solution. We led by being lawyers.”

2017-2018 Workgroups

During the 2017 leadership council meeting, four workgroups were established.  Each workgroup is comprised of two judges to lead the group and one administrative staff liaison for support.

The groups are:

Equalizing Workload Across the State:  Leaders - Hon. Linda Bauer & Hon. John Samson
Improving Customer Service in Clerks’ Offices Through Collaboration and  Creative Use of Technology:  Leaders - Hon. Andrew Jacobsen & Hon. Anne Paine
Providing Consistent and Transparent Records in Courts Across the State:  Leaders - Hon. Shelly Stratman & Hon. Tom Stine
Fine and Fee Concerns Within the Court System – Concerns with the Indigent: Leaders - Hon. C. Jo Petersen & Hon. J. Derr

Each workgroup presented their report that included findings and conclusions along with any specific recommendations they had for further resolution of the issue. The reports of each group are offered to the Nebraska Supreme Court for review.

Committee/Commission Reports

The following committees and commissions provided updated reports of their activities throughout the past year:

  • Access to Justice: Judge Frankie Moore, Justice Jeff Funke, and Judge Stefanie Martinez
  • Children in the Courts: Judges Doug Johnson & Francie Riedmann
  • Commission on Guardianship/Conservatorship: Judges Francie Riedmann & Todd Hutton
  • Dispute Resolution Advisory Council: Judge Mike Pirtle  
  • Judicial Branch Education: Judge Riko Bishop
  • PEOPLE Media/Community Outreach: Justice Jeff Funke  
  • Probation Services Committee: Judge Jodi Nelson  
  • Problem Solving/Drug Courts: Judge Jim Doyle 
  • Technology: Justice William Cassel
  • Workers Compensation Court: Judge John Hoffert