Commencement Ceremony for 6th Judicial District Drug Court-Fremont Held on October 22

Commencement Ceremony for 6th Judicial District Drug Court-Fremont Held on October 22

The 6th Judicial District Drug Court in Fremont held a graduation ceremony on October 22, 2019. The ceremony was held in the District Courtroom of the Dodge County Courthouse. State Senator Lynne Walz attended the ceremony and addressed the drug court participants. Problem-Solving Court Judge Geoffrey Hall presided over the hearing.

For Problem-Solving Court graduates, this ceremony marks the completion of an intensive comprehensive drug treatment program that includes close supervision, and full accountability.

Problem-Solving Court is a minimum 18-month program where participants learn the skills to live a successful life free from drugs and alcohol.

Drug Court Coordinator Tim Privitera noted, “We are very proud of Felicia and all of our drug court graduates who have worked extremely hard to overcome their substance issues.  We see them utilizing the things they have learned in treatment, education groups, and community based services to ensure they will strive to live a crime free and substance use free lifestyle in the future. We are driven as a drug court program to provide our participants the necessary tools to become a successful and productive part of society.”

The 6th Judicial District-Fremont Problem-Solving Court Program, like other Nebraska Problem-Solving Courts, operates under a team approach where a judge, prosecutor, defense counsel, community supervision officer, law enforcement, and treatment provider work together to design an individualized program. Compliance with treatment and court orders is verified by frequent alcohol and drug testing, close community supervision, and interaction with a judge during non-adversarial court review hearings. Problem-Solving Courts enhance close monitoring of participants using home and field visits.

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Photo: Judge Geoffrey Hall with graduate Felicia Emerson.