Constitution Day with Court of Appeals at Hastings College September 2017

Constitution Day with Court of Appeals at Hastings College September 2017

In honor of Constitution Day, the Nebraska Court of Appeals held argument sessions on the campus of Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska on September 14, 2017.

The Court of Appeals divided into its customary two panels with Chief Judge Frankie Moore presiding over the morning panel and Judge Everett Inbody presiding in the afternoon. The Court heard four cases each session, followed by questions and answers with students. Students were provided with detailed descriptions of each case in order to help them follow the legal arguments.

Hastings College students, along with government and social studies classes from area high schools, attended the sessions.

The Nebraska Court of Appeals is the state’s second-highest court and reviews appeals from state trial court decisions. A decision of the Court of Appeals is final unless a party is granted further review by the Nebraska Supreme Court. The six judges on the Court of Appeals handle approximately 1,000 appeals per year, of which about 400 result in published or memorandum opinions.

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Photo: Judge Arterburn participates in his first college outreach session at Hastings College with Judges Frankie Moore (center) and Riko Bishop (right).

Constitution Day is a day set aside to observe the signing of the United States Constitution, which occurred September 17, 1787. Former Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia is credited with proposing the 2004 legislation that created the annual commemoration, which is mandatory for schools that receive federal funding. Celebration of Constitution Day in Nebraska has been annually sponsored by the Nebraska State Bar Foundation and the Nebraska Judicial Branch through specialized programming and providing Constitution Day resources on the Web for classroom teachers.