Everyday Heroes: District 2 Drug Techs Honored

Everyday Heroes: District 2 Drug Techs Honored

District 2 Drug Techs

Probation’s drug techs across the state have been at the very front of the frontline workers from the beginning of the pandemic. District #2 techs Amber Bednar, Ekaterina Gilbertson, Roger Hartman, Frank Jenson, Seth Kupfer, and Stephen Slack exemplify the work of their colleagues from across the state with their “get it done” effort and attitude. 

Coronavirus arrived at the doorstep of the District #2 drug testing facility early and often with two believed exposures in the testing facility within the first week. Bednar, Gilbertson, Hartman, Jenson, Kuper and Slack didn’t blink. While taking every precaution to ensure their safety, and that of all others encountering their office, while seamlessly carrying out their everyday jobs, the team set the pace in creation and implementation of  new procedures for the lab, both for the current pandemic and for any future situations requiring modified operations. 

Thank you for your excellent forward-thinking, problem-solving skills.


Follow up response from Chief Jodi York