In Honor of Problem-Solving Court Month Alumni Panel Peer Support Group Holds First Meeting

In Honor of Problem-Solving Court Month Alumni Panel Peer Support Group Holds First Meeting

The Midwest Nebraska Problem-Solving Court held its first Alumni Panel Peer Support Group for its participants on May 22, 2024, in honor of Problem-Solving Court Month. During the meeting, alumni and peer support offered encouragement, wisdom, honesty, and support to current court participants. The success of this meeting has led to the development of gender-based monthly meetings in this same format. Problem-Solving Court Coordinator Anne Power states, “Since 2020, graduates have called in monthly from all over the United States, and it is a privilege to have them join our court sessions and hold alumni meetings where they share their expertise in navigating the world as parents, employees, employers, fathers, mothers, siblings, and strong sober leaders within their communities.”

Panel participants included Allison Gainer, who graduated in 2022; Stacy Sobolweski, sober support; Anne Power, Problem-Solving Court Coordinator; Colby Carpenter, who graduated in 2019; Cynthia Shafer, who graduated in 2023; Taylor Chitwood, Problem-Solving Court Supervision Officer; Vanessa Redbear, who graduated in 2022; Merissa Smallfoot, who graduated in 2022; and Kareem McDougall, Problem-Solving Court Supervision Officer.

The power of positive peer support in recovery is undeniable. It not only fosters a sense of belonging and understanding but also provides much-needed encouragement and motivation. The nonjudgmental environment it creates is a safe space for individuals in recovery to develop coping strategies, learn from others’ experiences, and overcome feelings of isolation. Moreover, it instills a sense of accountability and responsibility, while nurturing a strong community and a feeling of empowerment.


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