Outstanding County Court Clerk Magistrate Award, 2023

Linda Mitchell

Outstanding County Court Clerk Magistrate Award, 2023

Awarded to: Linda Mitchell, Antelope County Court Clerk Magistrate

Linda’s passion for the court record and the courts has served her well as she works with court reporters and courts in all 93 counties to assign transcription requests and bills of exception. She reaches out to new clerk magistrates and staff who are maneuvering the transcription processes for the first time, and she seamlessly transitions assignments from the courts to the right court reporter.

She has been instrumental in the transition to electronic bills of exception and her skills and knowledge have been invaluable in the continued implementation of the modernization rules. Linda is the “go to” person for questions regarding bills of exception, transcripts, exhibits, the Liberty Recorder system, and maintaining the court record. Despite her additional work, Linda single-handedly maintains her office and does so with great attention to detail.

Exemplary performance by a County Court Clerk Magistrate is acknowledged through the Outstanding Clerk Magistrate Award. The honor is presented to those with a record of exceptional efficiency, superior performance, and dedication beyond standard expectations.