Spring 2020 Graduates, Training for Trainers

Spring 2020 Graduates, Training for Trainers

A total of 19 Judicial Branch staff members are ready to hit the classroom, virtual or otherwise, following their recent graduation from Training for Trainers. The course is designed for management team members and field staff in leadership positions who want to improve their curriculum and presentation skills. Topics such as adult learning theory, navigating disruptive classroom behavior, curriculum development and front-of-the-room presenting were included.

“We had great interaction during the week and the trainers were top notch. I really enjoyed getting to interact with the wide variety of employees attending class, and to be able to learn more about the different roles within our system,” Susan Barnard, Administrative Office Services Manager said. “I look forward to using the skills I learned to develop further trainings for the support staff.”

The recent graduates included a mix of administrative staff, field management team members, dispute resolution professional, and probation officers. Each will train on a myriad of topics spanning the Judicial Branch.

Dispute Resolution Director, Kelly Riley, reported that she will immediately be using the skills while developing two trainings for mediators.  “Training for Trainers provided me the knowledge to design courses that are engaging and effective for every adult learning style,” noted Riley. “The trainers modeled what they were teaching which really enhanced the class, and participants were provided with a safe environment to practice various skills.”

Participating in Training for Trainers prepares individuals to create their own lesson plans and train groups of adult learners with multiple learning styles and backgrounds.  Judicial Branch Education holds three T4T classes per year and trains up to 72 Court and Probation staff.   

Graduates of the class pictured are:

Front row: Sherri Dennis, Sharon Fenn, Laurie Stufft, Jezharela Arteaga, Kelly Riley, Megan Loomis

Back row: Tanja Evans, Molly Marion, Lindsay Meyer, Samantha Besemer, Taylor Schmid, Tarin Chapin, Michael Wiegand, Sam Barnes, Sarah Ryba, Susan Barnard, Britnie Kirchner, Casey Tribolet, Richard Crall