Virtual Chief Justice’s Leadership Conference Held Mid May

Virtual Chief Justice’s Leadership Conference Held Mid May

Offices, living rooms and courtrooms from across the state were connected through WebEx bringing together the first virtual Chief Justice’s Leadership Conference with over 50 judges and administrative staff.  Conference participants were assembled on May 15, 2020, to discuss the important work of the five work groups appointed during the 2019 leadership council meeting.

Chief Justice Heavican thanked the work groups, commissions, and committees on the great work they accomplished over the year and noted, “After reviewing the reports, studying the emerging issues facing the courts and listening to the discussion, we know the biggest issue before us is the pandemic.” The Chief Justice recognized the next focus will be on looking at what we did well and what we can improve upon so that we can continue to keep the courts open while at the same time protecting the health and safety everyone who works in and uses the courts.

State Court Administrator Corey Steel also noted the great work of the individual work groups, commissions, and committees stating, “The Chief Justice’s Leadership Conference is an opportunity for us to celebrate the work we have done to make the court system better. Everyone on these work groups, committees and commissions are true leaders within the Judicial Branch.”

Each work group is comprised of two new-leader judge co-chairs, one committee chair/liaison, and one administrative staff member for support services. The five work groups are:

  • Creating an Accommodating Courtroom for Protection Order Petitioners and Respondents
    Judge George Thompson and Judge Stephanie Hansen
  • Addressing the Increasing Number of High Conflict Cases Returning to Court
    Judge John Marsh and Judge John Rademacher
  • Post Release Supervision – Evaluation of Pending Legislation and Implementation
    Judge Rick Schreiner and Judge Stefanie Martinez
  • Mentoring of New Attorneys
    Judge Derek Vaughn and Judge Thomas Zimmerman
  • Evaluation of the Judicial Evaluation Poll
    Judge Matthew Acton and Judge Julie Martin

Each work group submitted their respective reports in writing, including recommendations for further resolution of the issues.

Read work group and committee reports (Intranet login required)Chief Justice’s Leadership webpage