Advance Notice of Appellate Court Opinions Now Available

Advance Notice of Appellate Court Opinions Now Available

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Attorneys and journalists have been provided with an added feature on the newly re-launched Judicial Branch Website. At the request of members of the bar and the media, the Court has added a category of “anticipated” Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions on each Court’s opinion page.

The service is a courtesy to attorneys, who will be able to alert their clients to upcoming opinions the day before an opinion is released, and to journalists, who will be better able to prepare for upcoming news stories. 

The opinion itself will not be accessible in advance, only a notification that certain opinions are slated to be released the following morning.

Advance notices of the opinions are posted to the opinion webpages by noon the day before the opinions are released and are removed as soon as the opinions are posted.  Advance notice is provided only for opinions that will be posted on the Judicial Branch website. Memorandum opinions that are not posted on the website are provided only to the parties by mailing from the Clerk’s office. Advance notice will not apply to those memorandum opinions.

In keeping with each court’s schedule of opinion releases, advance notice for the Court of Appeals opinions will be posted by noon on Mondays and advance notice for the Supreme Court opinions will be posted by noon on Thursdays. 

Anticipated Opinions screenshot