Annual Spring Probation Conference Celebrated as a Great Success

Annual Spring Probation Conference Celebrated as a Great Success

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Annual Spring Probation Management Conference, held March 30 through April 1, included probation managers from around the state and the Administrative Office. With a particular emphasis on leadership, the conference headlined “Leaders Lead with Excellence.”

“The transition to a virtual platform this year was a challenge, but like so many other challenges we have overcome as a branch, the 2021 Probation Management Meeting was a successful endeavor! We are excited to continue with a focus on Advanced Coaching 4 Excellence (AC4E) and Program Management and look forward to all that is to come.” Assistant Deputy Administrator Jacey Rader noted.

Although straying from the typical conference center setting, the agenda remained full of guest speakers, including Chief Justice Michael Heavican, Justice Jeffrey Funke, and Court Administrator Corey Steel. State Probation Administrator Deb Minardi kicked off the three-day conference with a look at where Nebraska Probation System has been, currently is, and where it is going. At the same time, Fiscal Analyst Eric Asboe provided a real-time look into the activities of the legislature.

Keynote speaker Dr. Robin Jenkins, Advanced Implementation Specialist from Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, connected the importance of Implementation Science to the real-time initiatives currently in the development stages as well as an overview of the key concepts guiding the AC4E initiative. Implementation Science has served as a guiding principle the last few years, with both managers and administrative staff’s education. Specialists from the AOP have participated in a nine-month educational experience focused on Program Management designed to cultivate and sustain implementation science principles, including readiness, co-creation, workforce development, and the use of leadership teams. Over the next few years, Probation will continue ongoing work with Dr. Jenkins, which will help them continue to serve the communities better.

The final day of the conference allowed the group to focus on the importance of Behavioral Health in Case Management and continue to emphasize leadership—on both cultivating and celebrating those who have demonstrated excellence. Justice Funke presented the Leadership Awards to the 2020 recipients.

AC4E Award Winners —Recognition for Leadership in Implementation
Chief Carrie Rodriguez, District 5
Chief Darren Duncan, District 12

Rising Star Award Winners
Mike Nehe, Administrative Office
Sara Quiroz, Administrative Office
Luke Estes, Administrative Office

Above & Beyond Award Winners
Melanie Berry, District 2
Crystal Hestekind, District 7
Melissa Koch, Administrative Office