Carmody v. Carmody Mechanical, LLC

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Carmody v. Carmody Mechanical, LLC

Case Number
Call Date
June 10, 2015
Case Time
9:00 AM
Case Summary

A-14-0847, T.J. Carmody (Appellee) v. Carmody Mechanical, L.L.C. (Appellant)

Douglas County, District Court Judge James T. Gleason

Attorney for Appellant: Trev E. Peterson (Knudsen, Berkheimer, Richardson & Endacott, LLP)

Attorney for Appellee: John K. Green (Pickens & Green)

Civil Action: Breach of Contract

Action Taken by Trial Court: The trial court concluded that Carmody Mechanical, L.L.C., n/k/a M&K Plumbing, LLC, lacked cause to terminate the Consulting Agreement with T.J. Carmody and awarded him damages.

Assignments of Error on Appeal: The appellant assigns that the trial court erred by finding that the insurance policy provided satisfied the insurance requirements under the Consulting Agreement.

Case Location
Panel Text
Irwin, Inbody, and Riedmann, Judges