Cass County Adult Drug Court Participant Graduates

Cass County Adult Drug Court Participant Graduates

Friday, July 15, 2022

The Cass County Adult Drug Court celebrated the graduation of Daniel Henn at the Cass County Courthouse in Plattsmouth on June 21, 2022. Henn achieved recognition and praise for completing the program. Judge Michael A. Smith presided over the ceremony. Also in attendance were Richard Fedde from the Cass County Attorney’s Office, and Angela Minahan and Julie Bear from the Case County Public Defender’s Office.

The ceremony marks the completion of an intensive program of comprehensive drug treatment, close supervision, and full accountability for Drug Court graduates. Problem-Solving Courts in Nebraska operate under a team approach where a judge, prosecutor, defense counsel, coordinator, community supervision officer, law enforcement, and treatment provider(s) work together to design an individualized program for success. Drug Court is a minimum 18-month program where participants learn the skills to live a successful life free from drugs and alcohol. Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate’s charges are dismissed.

Pictured are Treatment Officer Courtney Elliot, graduate Daniel Henn, and Judge Michael Smith.

Adult Drug Courts are an alternate route through the criminal justice system for nonviolent drug-related offenders, utilizing a specialized team process that functions within the existing court structure. The courts are designed to reduce recidivism and substance use among individuals with substance use disorders. In addition, the court aims to protect public safety and increase the participant's likelihood of successful rehabilitation by utilizing validated risk and need assessments, early and individualized behavioral health treatment, frequent and random chemical testing, incentives, sanctions, and other rehabilitative and ancillary services.

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