Chief Justice Heavican Takes Behind-the-Scenes of Historic Courthouse

Chief Justice Heavican Takes Behind-the-Scenes of Historic Courthouse

Friday, July 9, 2021

Chief Justice Michael Heavican’s first stop on his annual Summer Tour was in Plattsmouth, where he was invited to sign his name on the walls of the bell tower of the Cass County courthouse. The Chief traveled with his fellow justices and administrative staff, including State Court Administrator Corey Steel and State Probation Administrator Deb Minardi.

Judges David Partsch and Michael Smith led tours of the courthouse while Clerk Magistrate Kimberly Durow and Clerk of the District Court Barbara Prokupek opened their offices for visits. Probation Officer (turned tour safety officer) Jeff Leach escorted the group down the street to the probation office and encouraged everyone to view the usually off-limits bell tower.

Heavican views the Summer Tour as a chance to connect with Judicial Branch officers and employees; and strengthen connections with county officials. “It really is important for us to get feedback . . . as to how certain programs are working, and what we might be able to do better,” he remarked.

Although last year’s tour was postponed due to the pandemic, this year was the renewal of a tradition that Heavican began when he joined the bench in 2006. The two-day itinerary included Plattsmouth, Papillion, Tecumseh, and Nebraska City.

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