Clerk Magistrates Focus on Modernization

Clerk Magistrates Focus on Modernization

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Clerk Magistrates from across the state of Nebraska gathered at the Younes Conference Center in Kearney on September 21-23, 2022. The two-and-a-half-day Fall Conference offered 13.25 hours of education. Presentations and group discussions focused on modernization and technology in the courtroom, records retention, human resources and hiring practices, as well as cases involving juveniles, guardian conservators and working with the press.

Round table discussions were facilitated so Magistrates could share their experiences with one another. One question they were asked is “What does being a Clerk Magistrate mean to you?” Some responses included:

  • I am proud to be a Clerk Magistrate. Our role is important. I feel like we are a buffer between the public, attorneys, and the Administrative Office of the Courts. We are an extension of the Judge.” - Linda K. Smith, Hitchcock County
  • Cherry County Clerk Magistrate Debra Hand and Ashley Siebrandt from Wayne County, both agreed that an important part of their positions is to “keep the chaos in order so the Courts run smoothly.”
  • “We are similar to firemen quickly assisting the public, attorneys, our staff, and the judges.” – Tom Hawes, Adams County
  • “We are leaders and are held to a higher standard in our courthouses and communities.” Darla Schiefelbein, Platte County

Another question posed to the group was, “If you were leaving your position tomorrow, what’s the one thing you would tell your successor?” Janelle Mostek from Sherman County commented “Our customer service is most important and should be top of the line. We have to remember where our wages come from.”

Clerk Magistrates are required to obtain eight hours of continuing education every year. These conferences provide a way for updated policies and procedures to be discussed in a group environment, as well as for questions and concerns to be heard and addressed. Clerk Magistrates play a crucial role in the success of the courts, and their input is invaluable.  

A full listing of Clerk Magistrates by Judicial District can be found here: County Court Contacts