Commencement Ceremony for Douglas County District Court Adult Drug Court held on December 11, 2019

Commencement Ceremony for Douglas County District Court Adult Drug Court held on December 11, 2019

Friday, December 13, 2019
Drug court graduate and judge

The Douglas County District Court Adult Drug Court held its 107th graduation ceremony and celebration on Wednesday, December 11, 2019, at 2:00 p.m. in the Legislative Chambers, 1819 Farnam Street, Omaha, Nebraska. There were 5 graduates receiving their dismissal/sealments. The average duration of this class’ stay was 28 months. Eight cases were dismissed. Presiding over the ceremony on December 11th was Douglas County District Court Judge, Gary Randall.

For the 5 Drug Court graduates, the ceremony marked the completion of an intensive program of comprehensive drug treatment, drug use monitoring, close supervision, and full accountability on multi levels of social and psychological functioning.  Drug Court is an expected average length of 18-24 months.

According to Nebraska Supreme Court Committee on Problem-Solving Courts Chair, Judge Jim Doyle of Lexington, “Nebraska’s Drug and Problem-Solving Courts have saved thousands of tax dollars, and the individuals served in the courts who have followed the programs have changed their lives and the lives of their loved ones for the better.”  Doyle continued, “The previous philosophy of incarceration for all offenders has been replaced by community-based treatment programs that cause people to change the way they think and that requires people to be accountable for their actions without imprisonment.”

The Douglas County Adult Drug Court, like other Nebraska Problem-Solving Courts, operates under a team approach where a judge, prosecutor, defense counsel, community supervision officer, law enforcement, and treatment provider work together to design an individualized program. Compliance with treatment and court orders are verified by frequent alcohol and drug testing, close community supervision, and interaction with a judge during non-adversarial court review hearings.  Problem-Solving Courts enhance close monitoring of participants using home and field visits.


Local Contact:  Teresa Bunjer, Drug Court Coordinator
Phone:  402-599-2665  

State Contact:  Adam Jorgensen, Statewide Problem-Solving Court Coordinator, Nebraska Supreme Court
Phone:  t 402-471-4415 | c 402-219-4297