State obo Emery W. v. Michael W.

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A-20-007, State on behalf of Emery W. v. Michael W. (Appellant) and Mallory B.

District Court for Dodge County, District Judge Geoffrey C. Hall

Attorneys for Appellant:  Linsey Moran Bryant and Shane J. Placek (Sidner Law Firm)

Attorney for Appellee (Mallory):  Avis R. Andrews (Andrews Law Firm)

Paternity Action:  Modification of custody and support

Action taken by the Trial Court:  The district court awarded sole physical custody of the two children to Mallory, awarded joint legal custody of the children to the parents, divided medical expenses, and ordered Michael to pay child support.

Assignment of Error on Appeal:  Did the trial court abuse its discretion in characterizing physical custody of the children as sole physical custody when custody was effectively joint physical custody? Did the trial court abuse its discretion in calculating child support based upon the sole physical custody calculation worksheet? Did the trial court abuse its discretion in failing to terminate cash medical support?

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District Court
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Moore, Chief Judge, Bishop, and Welch, Judges