Creighton Students Engage With Supreme Court in Q&A Session

Creighton Students Engage With Supreme Court in Q&A Session

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

With over 100 Creighton Law students in a Zoom waiting room, Law School Professor Carol Knoepfler, a former Supreme Court Law Clerk, quickly organized the Nebraska Supreme Court’s justices into an online panel. The Zoom question and answer session with Creighton law students substituted for their annual in-person session held each Spring. Students were required to watch previously selected live-streamed arguments to prepare for a discussion with justices over the noon hour on Thursday, April 1, 2021.

“The Court always looks forward to visiting the Creighton School of Law,” noted Chief Justice Mike Heavican. “This year, because of virus concerns, we cannot do that. However, thanks to creative ideas from Creighton faculty, especially Carol Knoepfler, and hard work from both Creighton and Court staff, we can have interaction with students virtually; a learning experience for the students and the Court.”

Once the Zoom room was opened, Dean Joshua Fersheé welcomed the Court, and questions came quickly. The first student asked the justices how they separate their emotions from legal issues. Several justices contributed to the answer noting that each has taken an oath to follow the law as it is written and that remaining impartial is a skill to which each justice diligently pays attention.

One student asked the justices which 1L (first-year law school) class had the most impact on them; another asked what they consider their most important career move to be.  Questions relating to the transition to Zoom hearings due to COVID-19 protocols were also raised. 

Photo: Newest Supreme Court Justice, John Freudenberg, signs into Creighton Law School Zoom session from his temporary office in the state capitol. Justice Bill Cassel (on screen) prepares to speak with students.