D. Salary Adjustments Within Grade

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D. Salary Adjustments Within Grade

   A supervisor may request an in-grade salary adjustment for an employee in exceptional circumstances. Requests shall be reviewed by Personnel Management before being submitted for approval by both the Court Administrator and Probation Administrator.

   In-grade adjustments shall not be treated like merit increases. Reasons for such requests may include the following:

   1. Internal pay equity within the Judicial Branch for similar jobs with disparity in pay.

   2. If hiring above minimum permanent due to superior qualifications causes inequity for current, equally qualified staff.

   3. If a single position within a class has unique responsibilities/skill requirements which significantly distinguish it from others in the class but are not sufficient to warrant reclassification.

   The reasons for and anticipated consequences of such requests shall be explained in detail and documented. The decision of the Court Administrator and Probation Administrator is final and is not appealable by the supervisor or the employee.

Amended 7-9-15.