Associate Public Guardian

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Associate Public Guardian

Job Post Deadline Date
Monday, March 19, 2018
External Job Posting Date
March 6, 2018
City of Job Vacancy
Omaha NE/Douglas County

The Administrative Office of the Courts is accepting applications for an Associate Public Guardian who will, under general supervision, independently perform professional staff functions as a representative of the Office of Public Guardian forOmaha/Douglas County area as an Associate Public Guardian to qualifying minors and adult individuals whose disabilities and functional capabilities hinder day-to-day management of personal affairs and/or management of financial matters. The Associate Public Guardian will also recruit substitute private guardians and provide education and information to support family and private guardians.    Responsibilities include: assisting in expediting benefits to entitled eligible individuals; conducting intake interviews and providing counseling to a caseload of clients; investigating the financial, psychological, family and social histories of referred individuals; arranging for client services and housing; conducting home and facility visits and inspections; assuring care and treatment best-suited to the clients' interests; recommending action based on informed consent for medical, surgical and hospitalization; and all other responsibilities as required by the type of guardianship identified. Will work with various private and public organizations for the purpose of developing local treatment resources. Responsible for estate management and sound personal and financial management to ensure the most appropriate level and highest quality of care of person and property. Will prepare comprehensive personal and financial court reports, maintain case records, ensure clients' bills are paid; attend court hearings as appropriate; and collect data and statistics as required. Extensive independent travel may be required.    The successful candidate will have working knowledge of the Office of Public Guardian statutory requirements along with the ability to read and understand documents used in financial and estate management and in real property transactions, in addition to working knowledge of community systems and services and the appropriate utilization for referral and placement of minors, the elderly, people with mental illness, and individuals with developmental disabilities. The Associate Public Guardian must have the ability to coordinate guardianship/conservatorship case management efforts with other public and/or non-profit agencies involved in client cases and the ability to prepare clear, concise written communications and comprehensive office and court reports and maintain complete and accurate case information and case records.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:   Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution with a focus on social work, counseling, psychology, gerontology, related behavioral science, or client support business services and at least two years' experience in a discipline pertinent to the provision of guardianship and conservatorship services which must include decision-making judgment for the benefit of others in the area of legal, guidance and counseling, healthcare, probation and parole, public administration with a focus on developmental disabilities, and/or persons with disruptive behaviors. Equivalent education or experience will be considered.

PREFERRED:   J.D. or Ph.D.; or Master's degree in Social Work, Counseling, Clinical Psychology, Gerontology or related behavioral science or equivalent advanced degree which includes a supervised field placement providing social casework or counseling services to elderly, vulnerable or dependent adults, minors and their families. Ability to work from home also preferred.

OTHER:   No felony conviction or misdemeanor conviction involving moral turpitude. Possess a valid Motor Vehicle Operator's license or alternate means of transportation. Excellent credit history; highest personal and professional references that would support a court finding of suitability to qualify for appointment as a guardian and conservator. Individual chosen for the position will be subject to an extensive background check.

Please visit to fill out the State application. The State of Nebraska complies with Nebraska’s Veterans Preference Laws.