Everyday Heroes: Judge Sheryl Lohaus & Ron Murtaugh Honored

Everyday Heroes: Judge Sheryl Lohaus & Ron Murtaugh Honored

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Lohaus and Murtaugh

The coronavirus hit Douglas County earlier, faster and harder than most everyone else in Nebraska. Yet, because of the tireless work of County Court Presiding Judge Sheryl Lohaus in collaboration with Douglas County Judicial Administrator Ron Murtaugh, the functioning of the county courts did not miss a beat.

Judge Lohaus and Ron led the charge to ensure the citizens of Douglas County, the media, county jail inmates and others had unfettered, safe, directed-health-measures-compliant access to the county courts and related court services early on and continuously.

Thank you Judge Lohaus and Ron for your efforts. They exemplify the efforts of the Judicial Branch to ensure the courts are impartial, efficient, accessible, and enhance the safety of our communities.

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