Rule 1-5. Telephonic Conference Hearings Remote Appearances

Rule 1-5. Telephonic Conference Hearings Remote Appearances

   A. Request for remote appearance:

   (1) A matter may be heard by telephonic conference call or videoconference only by permission of the court.

   (2) Telephonic conferences or videoconferences requested by the moving party shall be arranged prior to the filing of the motion, and the motion shall clearly request that the hearing will be held by telephonic conference call or videoconference. Absent exigent circumstances, all remote appearances shall be arranged three (3) business days prior to the hearing, and notice shall be filed by the party requesting the hearing, together with proof of service thereof on all opposing parties.

   B. Any party desiring to present evidence at a hearing must be present in person, unless leave of the Court is granted.

   C. Initiation of Telephonic Conference Call:

   (1) The party requesting the telephonic conference call shall be responsible for initiating the call and shall provide for all expenses of the call.

   (2) The party initiating the call shall utilize appropriate equipment and systems to ensure that all persons participating have adequate quality and volume. If the Court determines that the sound quality or volume is insufficient, the Court may require the party initiating the call to utilize other means to complete the hearing by telephone.

   D. Initiation of Videoconference.

   (1) The Court will initiate the videoconference.

   (2) Invitations to the videoconference shall be sent by e-mail to attorneys of record and any self-represented litigant who has provided an e-mail address to the Court. Invitations may be forwarded to others as needed (e.g., parties, clients, witnesses, etc.).

Adopted effective September 29, 1995; amended September 21, 2005; amended October 20, 2021.