Rule 12-11. Rules for Scotts Bluff County

Rule 12-11. Rules for Scotts Bluff County

   A. Case Assignments.

   (1) Cases shall be assigned to a judge by random selection through use of computerized or manual means.

   (2) Reopened Cases. Any matter pertaining to a finished case shall be deemed assigned to the judge originally assigned the case.

   (3) Reassignment. A judge may reassign a case to another district judge by order, and the clerk shall note such reassignment and date on the file jacket, docket sheet, and assignment card.

   (4) Interchange of Judges. One district judge of this court may act with respect to a particular matter in a case assigned to another district judge of this court when necessary. Such interchange will be on individual matters only and will not affect a reassignment of responsibility for the case.

   (5) Calendaring. Each judge shall provide for the conduct, calendaring, and progress of cases assigned to that judge.

   B. Trials.

   (1) Jury Sessions. There will be jury terms beginning on the first Monday of each month unless otherwise ordered by the judge. Two judges will alternate months so that each judge is in a jury term every other month.

   (2) Scheduling Trials. Any party may request a nonjury or jury case be set for pretrial, trial, or progression by filing a motion. The court may also schedule a case without any motion.

   (3) Order of Jury Trials. Cases will be tried in the order set by the judge.