Index of Amendments

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Index of Amendments

(Since November 1999)

February 2019 Amendments (approved May 1, 2019)

Rule 3-2 Amended and typographical error corrected

Rule 3-6 Deleted

Rule 3-6 New rule re attorney attire

Rule 3-9 Amended


Form 1 Amended and renamed

Form 2 Amended and renamed

Form 3 Amended and renamed

Form 7 Amended

Form 8 Added


November 29, 2000, Amendments

Rule 3-7 Amended

Rule 3-9 Amended

Rule 3-15 Added

Appendix p.1 Amended with renumbering on p.2

Appendix p.  4 Amended

Appendix p.  10 Amended

Appendix pp.  14 - 23 Added


September 5, 2001, Amendment

Add Rule 3-2.F


January 9, 2003, Amendment

Rule 3-2  Amended

Rule 3-6  Amended

Rule 3-7  Amended

Rule 3-11  Amended

Appendix p. 13 Trial Notice Amended


June 2, 2004, Amendment

Add Rule 3-2.H

Rule 3-8  Typographical error corrected

Rule 3-9.B  Extraneous language deleted

Rule 3-9.C  Policy requiring parenting classes in certain situations made permanent

Rule 3-9.E  Permitting exceptions to Property Statement requirement

Rule 3-9.G  Added new section and the original 3-9.G is moved to 3-9.H

Rule 3-12  Moved to Rule 3-14 and Procedures for fee applications by Guardians ad litem are added

Rule 3-13  Deleted

Rule 3-15  Moved to Rule 3-13 and temporary rules previously contained in the Appendix are made a part of the Rules.  Language in this Rule has been amended to reflect that the temporary policy is now permanently adopted.


November 2006 Amendment

Rule 3-2.E  Delete

Rule 3-2.F through Rule 3-2.H are renumbered to 3-2.E through 3-2.G

Rule 3-2.H  Add

Rule 3-9.E(2)(b)  Delete reference to Wilson v. Wilson

Rule 3-9 final paragraph  Insert limitation on adding to witness list


  Exhibit A  Insert Warning not to use account numbers

  Joint Property Statement  Insert Warning not to use account numbers and change references to Plaintiff and Defendant

  Social Security/Gender filing  Add


January 2008 Amendment

Rule 3-15  Added

Attachment D  Add birthdates for children


June 2010 Amendment

Rule 3-9  Amended

Rule 3-13  Amended

Rule 3-15  Amended

Rule 3-16  New rule re file retention

Rule 3-17  New rule re detainer cases

Appendix-Table of Forms   Amended

Appendix Forms

   Form 1  Form number added

   Form 2  Form number added

   Form 3-Parenting Time  Amended

   Form 4  Form number added

   Form 5  Form number added

   Form 6  Form number added

   Form 7  New form re Parenting Act compliance


September 2010 Amendments

Rule 3-2  Amended

Rule 3-15  Amended

Attachment D  Removed


March 2011 Amendments

Table of Contents  Added (not included in online version)

Rule 3-9  Amended


   Form 7  Amended

   Form 8  Added


June 2013 Amendments

Rule 3-9  Amended

Rule 3-13  Amended


   Form 7  Deleted

   Form 8  Renumbered as Form 7

Attachment A  Deleted

Attachment B  Deleted

Attachment C  Re-lettered as Attachment A


November 2014 Amendments

Rule 3-2  Amended

Rule 3-11  Amended

Rule 3-13.001 Added

Rule 3-15  Amended


September 2015 Amendments

Rule 3-13.001  Amended

Rule 3-15  Amended


September 2016 Amendments

Rule 3-15 Amended


October 2016 Amendments

Rule 3-9 Amended

Appendix Form 3 Amended


May 2017 Amendments

Rule 3-18 Added