Rule 1. Definitions.

Rule 1. Definitions.

   "Expanded media coverage" includes broadcasting, televising, electronic recording, or photographing of judicial proceedings for the purpose of gathering and disseminating news to the public.

   "Good cause" for purposes of exclusion under this chapter means that coverage will have a substantial effect upon the objector which would be qualitatively different from the effect on members of the public in general and that such effect will be qualitatively different from coverage by other types of media.

   "Judge" means the judge presiding in a trial court proceeding.

   "Judicial proceedings" or "proceedings" shall include all public trials, hearings, or other proceedings in a trial court, for which expanded media is requested, except those specifically excluded by this rule.

   "Media coordinator" shall mean the Public Information Officer of the Nebraska Supreme Court.

   "Media representative" shall mean Nebraska radio or television stations licensed by the Federal Communications Commission.  In the event photographs are requested by a Nebraska newspaper, photographers must be employed by a recognized Nebraska news outlet.