Rule 4-14. Exhibits

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Rule 4-14. Exhibits

   A. Public Records As Exhibits. In all cases where books, files, or records, or parts thereof belonging to or taken from the records of public offices are offered in evidence or are marked for identification to be offered at a pretrial conference, it shall be the duty of the party offering the same to furnish true copies of the same to the court reporter and the opposing counsel before the offer.

   B. Documentary Exhibits. All documentary evidence which is not impeaching or rebuttal in nature shall be presented to the court reporter prior to trial, marked for identification, and exhibited to the opposing party for inspection.

   C. Exhibits And Affidavits Submitted In Digital Format. Limits. Documentary exhibits and affidavits submitted to the Court or a court reporter in digital format, by fax, email, or other digital medium, shall be limited to an aggregate total of ten (10) pages or less. Documentary exhibits and affidavits submitted to the court or court reporter that exceed an aggregate total of ten (10) pages shall be submitted in hard copy. Exhibits and affidavits shall be submitted to the Court, and to any opposing parties, at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the hearing. The Court, in its discretion, may decline to receive into evidence any exhibit or accept any affidavit unless it has been submitted in compliance with this rule.

Adopted effective December 29, 1995; amended effective March 24, 2021.