Rule 8-9. Dissolution Actions

Rule 8-9. Dissolution Actions

   A. Joint Property Statements.

   (1) Where an action involves a contested division of property/debt, the parties shall prepare a joint property statement (JPS). JPS forms may be obtained from the court clerk.

   (2) The plaintiff shall serve upon the defendant the initial JPS within 90 days of filing.

   (3) The defendant may then amend the JPS and supplement it by adding additional property or debts not listed. Defendant shall serve its amended JPS upon the plaintiff within 30 days after receiving the initial JPS from the plaintiff. Failure to serve an amended JPS upon the plaintiff shall be deemed to be an acceptance of the information contained in the JPS served upon the defendant.

   (4) The final JPS shall be submitted to the court (not filed) at the time of the pretrial conference. Any amendments thereafter shall be allowed only after motion, a hearing establishing good cause, and order granting the same.

   (5) Deadlines may be extended only after motion, hearing, and order.

   B. Temporary Hearings.

   (1) Temporary hearings shall be conducted upon affidavits and argument only unless otherwise ordered. To be considered, the affidavits must be double spaced and typed or printed in a legible manner.

   (2) The moving party shall serve its motion and notice of hearing upon the other party at least 7 days prior to the hearing.

   (3) Affidavits for temporary relief will not be considered by the court unless a copy has been served on the opposing party or their attorney at least 48 hours prior to the temporary hearing.

   (4) A party may offer no more than 6 affidavits, one of which shall be the verified Child Information Affidavit required by Neb. Rev. Stat. § 43-2930. The total number of pages, for all submitted materials, including attachments, shall not exceed 50 pages.

   (5) Each party may offer 2 rebuttal affidavits not to exceed 10 total pages. Rebuttal affidavits shall be served upon the other party at least 30 minutes prior to the hearing.