Rule 9-9. Withdrawal of Files

Rule 9-9. Withdrawal of Files

   A. An attorney or bonded abstractor shall be permitted to withdraw a nonpendng civil action file from the custody of the clerk. The clerk shall take a receipt from the attorney or abstractor removing the file giving the title of the cause on the appearance docket, number of the case, the date when taken, and the date on which the file will be returned. The file shall be returned immediately upon the filing of any pleading in the case or within 3 days after withdrawal, whichever is earlier. Failure to return a file promptly in accordance with the receipt will result in suspension of the right to withdraw files.

   B. No person shall be granted permission to withdraw original bonds or files pertaining to inquests, insanity proceedings, or mental health proceedings.

   C. No active file may be withdrawn without specific written approval of the district judge or clerk of the court.

   D. No criminal file may be withdrawn at any time.

Approved September 9, 2010.