In-Home Service Access Expands for Juvenile Justice Youth

In-Home Service Access Expands for Juvenile Justice Youth

Friday, July 7, 2017

Focus on Probation


Multisystemic Therapy, otherwise known as MST, has been launched in multiple sites across Nebraska. This service, supported by the Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation, is key to successful juvenile justice reform. The statewide implementation began May 1, 2017, and includes intensive training and support from MST International. As a key piece of Nebraska’s reform efforts, the introduction of MST increases access for youth in the juvenile justice system by expanding services supported by evidence.

Prior to the launch, multiple therapists were trained in the MST model by the national experts during the final week of April. Leaders Ellen Brokofsky, Probation Administrator, and Corey Steel, State Court Administrator, were presenters at the training and expressed their support for MST’s implementation, as well as providing historical background and vision moving forward.

“We had our champions in the legislature, and we had our champions in the system. This is going to spread like wildfire,” said Steel. “We are finally at this point – the point where this is happening,” added Brokofsky.

The expansion of MST is the first step to ensure youth and families in the juvenile justice system receive needed support, thereby reducing recidivism and keeping youth in their communities and family homes. The Initiative will also expand an in-home model created by Boys Town, the Ecological In-Home Family Treatment, which also shows promise.

For additional information please contact Kalissa Holdcraft, Project Specialist with the Administrative Office of Probation or visit