Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative Fundamentals Training

Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative Fundamentals Training

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) was designed with the vision that all youth involved in the juvenile justice system have opportunities to develop into healthy, productive adults. After more than two decades of innovation and replication, JDAI is one of the nation's most effective, influential, and widespread juvenile justice system reform initiatives.

JDAI promotes changes to policies, practices, and programs to reduce reliance on secure confinement, improve public safety, reduce racial disparities and bias, save taxpayers' dollars, and stimulate overall juvenile justice reforms.

In Nebraska, JDAI has been active since 2011 in Douglas County and 2012 in Sarpy County.  In 2012 the Administrative Office of Probation became the lead agency supporting the JDAI efforts.  Through the leadership of Judge Robert O’Neal and Dave Partsch Otoe County Attorney, the JDAI efforts expanded into Otoe County, Nebraska’s first rural county to implement JDAI in 2016.

On June 22, 2017 the Statewide JDAI Collaborative along with multiple State Senators and Legislative aides attended and learned about the core strategies and values around JDAI.  During this training, state senators and JDAI collaborative members had the opportunity to brainstorm and discuss how they wanted to move juvenile justice reform forward.

If you or your community is interested in further information around JDAI, you can visit JDAI Connect to locate information around the work being done nationwide at http://www.jdaiconnect.org or contact Michele Lueders at michele.lueders@nebraska.gov.   

Photo: Michele Lueders, Juvenile Intake & Detention Alternatives Specialist, facilitates discussion during JDAI Fundamentals training on June 22, 2017.