Lancaster County Bailiffs Invite Television Team to Courthouse

Lancaster County Bailiffs Invite Television Team to Courthouse

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The district court bailiff team, led by District Court Administrator/Media Coordinator Amanda Phillips hosted a “Lunch and Learn” with Channel 10/11 News team Mikel Lauber, the News Director, and Senior Reporter Bayley Bischof in mid-July.

To start the discussion, Phillips walked the group through the process of designating a camera pool operator, where paperwork goes, and who answers media questions. Lauber and Bischof then discussed considerations from the news end of the business, how reporters work on the fly, and the realities of news deadlines.

The discussion primarily centered on communication between reporters and court staff. Reporters need a point of contact if they have an emergency question during a trial, and bailiffs need to be aware of who is in the courtroom and what accommodations can, or should be made.

Also attending were Melissa Ireland, representing Judicial Branch Education; Valorie Bendixen, representing Trial Court Services; Douglas County District Court Administrator Sheri Larsen; and Supreme Court Public Information Officer Janet Bancroft. Judges Lori Maret and Jodi Nelson joined the group discussion.