Lancaster County Celebrates Creation of DUI Court

Lancaster County Celebrates Creation of DUI Court

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Darla Ideus, Judge of the Lancaster County District Court, hosted a court ceremony to celebrate the establishment of the DUI (Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol) Court in Lincoln, NE.

Speakers during the inaugural ceremony included Governor Pete Ricketts, Chief Justice Michael Heavican, County Attorney Pat Condon, National Center for DUI Courts Project Director Julie Seitz, Nebraska Highway Safety Office Administrator Bill Kovarik, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving Program Manager Andrea Frazier.

Adult Drug and DUI Courts are designed to reduce recidivism and substance abuse among high-risk and high-need individuals with substance use disorders. The court’s goal is to protect public safety and increase the participant’s likelihood of successful rehabilitation. According to organizers, “The court will strive to truly make a difference, addressing the root problem of repeat impaired drivers: addiction.”  Participants will be providing personalized treatment and held to strict standards of accountability.

The Lancaster County DUI Court is a multiagency collaborative court, with judges from the Lancaster County District Court, Lancaster County Attorney’s Office, Lancaster County Public Defender’s Office, the District 3A Probation Office, Lancaster County Community Corrections, and the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.

Judge Ideus and retired judge John Colborn will serve as presiding judges for the Lancaster County DUI Court.   


Photo: Chief Justice Mike Heavican celebrates the establishment of Lancaster County’s new DUI Court. Also shown are DUI Court Judges Darla Ideus and Retired Judge John Colborn. Court Reporter Amber Martin records the ceremony.