McCook High School Welcomes Justices to Luncheon in Honor of Law Day

McCook High School Welcomes Justices to Luncheon in Honor of Law Day

Thursday, May 12, 2022
Law Day Luncheon

Justices were treated to a student and community Law Day luncheon following Supreme Court oral arguments at McCook High School in late April. Justices sat at individual tables with a mix of students and community members to facilitate one-on-one discussions with tablemates. 

High School Business Manager Jeff Gross hosted the event and called on Judge Anne Paine to share details about the McCook Eyes of the Child Team projects. Paine outlined the following endeavors:

Come to the Table (Through the Eyes of the Child), where court and community professionals encourage parents and children to have mealtime together with discussion topics and active conversation.

Kindness Day (Through the Eyes of the Child program, in cooperation with McCook Junior High School) is a program for 7th graders operated through Judge Anne Paine and a local professional. This program strives to encourage recognizing and spreading kindness while maintaining healthy boundaries.

Pillow Project (Through the Eyes of the Child) is a program which the Court recognizes the importance of adolescents getting adequate sleep. Giving pillows to youth symbolizes the Court’s interest in the youth’s future, security, and comfort. The program also emphasizes the benefits of getting adequate sleep.

THRIVE Mentoring Program (partnership with Juvenile Probation) where youth identify individuals known to them and can serve as a role models. Thrive mentors follow a workbook to build on strengths and help mentees set goals.

Book Club (partnership with CASA) consists of adult professionals who read books relating to developmental or social difficul­ties that appear in children entering the court system.

The evening prior to arguments and the luncheon, the Court met with McCook area attorneys to thank them for their community volunteerism and civic engagement. The Nebraska State Bar Foundation hosted the Law Day reception. Foundation Fellow and retired District Court Judge Dave Urbom welcomed court members, introduced new judges, and emceed the awards. 

The visit was part of the educational outreach effort by the Nebraska Supreme Court and the legal community to raise awareness of court processes and the importance of civics education to our society. “The Justices on the Supreme Court recognize that our laws are complex and can be difficult to understand,” said Chief Justice Mike Heavican. “We want the students to understand how the court system works to ensure that justice is served.”

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