McCracken v. Thomas Jackson Family Office, Inc.

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McCracken v. Thomas Jackson Family Office, Inc.

Case Number
Call Date
January 12, 2016
Case Time
1:00 PM
Case Summary

A-14-1107, Michael D. McCracken and Sharon L. McCracken et al. (Appellants) v. Thomas Jackson Family Office, Inc., Thomas Clyde Jackson and Fifth Third Bankcorp, et al. (Appelleees)

District Court for Douglas County, District Judge Shelly R. Stratman

Attorneys for Appellants: Rodney K. Vincent (Vincent Law Firm) & Dennis G. Peatrowsky

Attorneys for Appellees (Jackson): Robert F. Peterson & Kathleen M. Foster (Laughlin Peterson Law Firm)

Attorneys for Appellees (Fifth Third): Damien J. Wright & Larry E. Welch, Jr. (Welch Law Firm) & Brian S. Sullivan (Dinsmore Shohl Law Firm)

Civil Action: Statutory and common law fraud; negligence; breaches of trust, fiduciary duty, and contract; and failure to supervise by all defendants

Action taken by the Trial Court: The trial court granted the defendants' motions for summary judgment, finding the plaintiffs lacked standing to bring any of their claims.

Assignments of Error on Appeal: Did the trial court err in granting the motions for summary judgment? Did the trial court err in failing to decide or rule on whether the McCrackens had standing to pursue their claims on their own behalf? Did the trial court err in denying the McCrackens' motion for continuance? Did the trial court err in sustaining Fifth Third's objection to exhibit 26?

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Moore, Chief Judge, Inbody, and Bishop, Judges