Nebraska State Probation Officers Sworn-in

Nebraska State Probation Officers Sworn-in

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Nebraska State Probation officers officially sworn-in October 16, 2019 in the Capitol Rotunda by Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Heavican.

Deb Minardi, State Probation Administrator, addressed the 59 new officers, their families, and fellow probation employees noting that probation’s work is both complex and dynamic and presents a multitude of challenges on any given day in Nebraska, there are over 16,000 adults and over 2,000 juveniles under probation supervision.

Probation officers provide information to the court regarding the risk an individual may pose to public safety, as well as programs or services that may prevent the individual from committing further crime. Working toward ensuring compliance with the court’s order, probation officers utilize proven methods of risk reduction to provide a balance of accountability-based supervision and rehabilitation services. Each success can be defined as one less crime, one less victim, one step closer to a safer community.

Probation officers are committed to demonstrating the highest standards of personal and professional integrity by practicing honesty in all matters, respecting the dignity and individuality of human beings, and providing professional and compassionate service.

Supreme Court Justice Lindsey Miller-Lerman, Justice William Cassel, Justice Stephanie Stacy, Justice Jeffrey Funke, Justice Jonathan Papik, and Justice John Freudenberg also participated in the event.


OCTOBER 16, 2019 Swearing-In Ceremony

District #1

  • Melissa Feighner
  • Heather Higgins
  • Rachel Knoble

District #2

  • Andre’a Bowens
  • Anita Burke
  • Katherine Griffen
  • Delana Hanes
  • Ethan Jones
  • Debbie Medina
  • Matt Noel

District #3A

  • Jordan Boies
  • Kylie Jesionowicz
  • Courtney Nissen
  • Arijana Sljivo

District #3J

  • Yesica Flores
  • Rout Laam
  • Davetta Nelson
  • Anna Towle
  • Brianna Walters

District #4A

  • Tara Bos
  • Kersten Crate
  • Bethany Dilts
  • Emily Greenberg
  • Brandy Puls
  • Brenda Robinson
  • Whitney Schutt
  • Anthony Traynor
  • Antiana Valentine

District #4J

  • Danielle Crouse
  • Janice Farrell
  • Crystal Hins
  • Nathan Ridley
  • Ray Rose

District #5

  • Jeremiah Favors
  • Kalie Lindsley
  • Stanley Saywon

District #6

  • Kelli Collier
  • Tyler Grashorn
  • Chantelle Gonzalez
  • Ashley Groh
  • Rachel Hosick
  • Brandon Jerred
  • Mike Mead

District #7

  • Brooke Surface
  • Brett Walker

District #8

  • Laikyn Haight
  • Alexander Miles

District #9

  • Breunna Moxey

District #10

  • Ashley McDonald

District #11

  • Wendy Hammerlun
  • Megan Harwager
  • Becky Hoaglund
  • Rashard King
  • Rosalia Terrazas

District #12

  • Dylan Bairn
  • Lasandra Buckner
  • Kressa Hansen
  • Bridget Phillips
  • Adrian Rubottom