Nebraska State Probation Officers Sworn-in by Chief Justice

Nebraska State Probation Officers Sworn-in by Chief Justice

Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Heavican administers oath

State Probation Administrator Deborah Minardi addressed 71 new probation officers, their families, and fellow probation employees via Webex on October 27, 2020, during a virtual swearing-in ceremony.  Minardi noted that probation’s work is both complex and dynamic and presents a multitude of challenges on any given day. In Nebraska, there are over 14,000 adults, and over 2,000 juveniles under probation supervision.

Chief Justice Heavican administered the virtual oath asking officers to raise their hand and pledge to uphold the United States’ constitution and laws of the State of Nebraska. Each officer promised to support and faithfully discharge the duties of a Nebraska State Probation Officer to the best of their abilities.

Probation officers provide information to the court regarding the risk an individual may pose to public safety, as well as a listing of programs or services that may prevent the individual from committing further crime. Working toward ensuring compliance with the court’s order, probation officers utilize proven risk reduction methods to provide a balance of accountability-based supervision and rehabilitation services. Each success can be defined as one less crime, one less victim, one step closer to a safer community.

Probation officers are committed to demonstrating the highest standards of personal and professional integrity by practicing honesty in all matters, respecting human dignity and individuality, and providing professional and compassionate service.

Supreme Court Justices William Cassel, Stephanie Stacy, Jeffrey Funke, and John Freudenberg also participated in the event.


OCTOBER 27, 2020 Swearing-In Ceremony

District #1

  • Jason Cohorst
  • Brandi Klaassen
  • Trisha Larkin
  • Kimberly Parker
  • Theresa Troutman

District #2

  • Bobby Baccam
  • Courtney Elliott
  • Matthew Goldapp
  • Gina Volenec
  • Laura Waldmann

District #3A

  • Kelani Baber
  • Patrick Briggs
  • Kaitlyn Buresh
  • Poli Corleone
  • DeRance Chandler
  • Andrew Fuller
  • Kelli Gerig
  • David Koso
  • Alvin Lugod
  • Kimberly Trowbridge
  • Clinton Zegers

District #3J

  • Adau Ayaj
  • Timothy Linsenmeyer
  • Autaum Poley
  • Candace Sturgeon
  • Kara Wilkinson

District #4A

  • Kayla Krance
  • Erika Lopez-Carter
  • Rachel Prescher
  • Danielle Ramsey
  • Madison Romanek
  • Eric Schult
  • Chaney Smith-Doolin
  • Erin Watts

District #4J

  • Tamika Gay
  • Aimee Hough
  • Kelsey Kracher
  • Abraham Mach
  • Justi McMurray
  • Adam Nordstrom
  • Riley Osentowski
  • Brian Randall
  • Chaunita Wells

District #5

  • Megan Fifield
  • Amanda Burbridge
  • Kyle Hohnholt
  • Kersten Shefcyk
  • Dustin Sutton

District #6

  • Mikayla Bock
  • Jordan McCoy

District #7

  • Breanna Benda
  • Danielle Eskens
  • Cody Stowe

District #9

  • Jennifer Dozler
  • Brian Kehler
  • Stephanie Medinger
  • Emily Melcher
  • Denise Stark
  • Deanna Weiss-Eby

District #10

  • Kiley Carrillo
  • Amanda Cunningham

District #11

  • Amanda Brunkhorst
  • Jennifer Dawson
  • Zachary Dolezal
  • Nichole Emrich
  • Dominique Frease
  • Kellie Matthewson

District #12

  • Samantha Gilkerson
  • Madison Peterson
  • Stephanie Skinner
  • Lisa Van Winkle