Nebraska Supreme Court Committee on Problem-Solving Courts

Nebraska Supreme Court Committee on Problem-Solving Courts

Origin/Authorization: Consultation Minutes of December 20, 2000

Name of committee amended as of February 27, 2008

Terms: All appointments to be at the pleasure of the court.

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the committee will be to evaluate the feasibility of implementing "drug courts" or other similar "community courts" in Nebraska. The committee will advise the Supreme Court as to whether such courts would have a positive effect on the administration of justice in the State and, if so, to provide the Court with recommendations as to the structure and integration of such courts into our judicial system.


Name Representation Appointment Date
Hon. James E. Doyle IV Chair 2/13/08
Hon. Michael G. Heavican, Chief Justice Ex Officio 2/13/08
Hon. John F. Wright Ex Officio 2/13/08
Corey R. Steel Court Administrator 6/11/14
Ellen Fabian Brokofsky Probation Administrator 2/13/08
Adam Jorgensen Problem Solving Courts Coordinator 12/1/16
Deb Minardi Deputy Probation Administrator for Community Corrections Programs 2/13/08
Hon. Teresa K. Luther District Court 10/26/11
Hon. Leo P. Dobrovolny District Court 10/26/11
Hon. Jodi L. Nelson District Court 11/27/13
Hon. Mark J. Young District Court 2/13/08
Hon. Elizabeth G. Crnkovich Separate Juvenile Court 2/13/08
Hon. Lawrence D. Gendler Separate Juvenile Court 8/13/08
Hon. Toni G. Thorson Separate Juvenile Court 2/13/08
Hon. Derek R. Vaughn County Court 10/26/11
Joe Kelly County Attorneys Association 10/26/11
Webb Bancroft Criminal Defense Attorneys Association 10/28/15
Joseph Nigro Public Defender 10/26/11
Brenda Mueller At-Large Member 10/26/11
Hon. Michael E. Piccolo At-Large Member 10/26/11
Sheriff Jerry Watson At-Large Member 2/13/08
Creston Ashburn At-Large Member 8/27/08
Hon. Gary B. Randall At-Large Member 8/27/08
Reginald Young At-Large Member 3/28/12
Julie Scott At-Large Member 10/28/15