New Pilot Project Enables Users to Sign Up for Court Date Notifications

New Pilot Project Enables Users to Sign Up for Court Date Notifications

Monday, August 1, 2022

Individuals may now sign up for a reminder of their upcoming first court date through the Gov2Go service by visiting

The service is available statewide. Individuals may register with their citation number and then elect to receive reminders via text, email, or the Gov2Go app, depending on their preference. This service is designed to reduce failures to appear in court on first appearance. Additionally, as part of a pilot project, literature about Gov2Go is being distributed in Lancaster County in order to measure the impact distributing information about Gov2Go may have on the court system.

Thank you to Lincoln Police Department, Lancaster County Sheriff, University of Nebraska Police, Nebraska State Patrol, Lancaster County Department of Corrections, and Lancaster County Community Corrections for their partnership and support in this pilot project.

Along with reminders, this pilot project strives to educate individuals on the potential negative ramifications of missing court:

  • Being charged with the additional crime of failure to appear which may result in a jail sentence and/or a fine.
  • Increased sentencing considerations of the judge on the original charge.

As well as how Nebraska trial courts ensure a fair venue for all parties:

  • Courts provide neutral and consistent judgments to all defendants. The judge who presides over the hearing will be fair and open-minded.
  • Courts treat all defendants charged with the same kind of offense in the same way.
  • Courts treat all defendants politely, with courtesy, dignity, and respect.
  • Courts take defendants’ concerns seriously. They  understand that individuals might be worried about the consequences of a hearing, and are prepared to listen to concerns.
  • Courts allow defendants to explain the situation from their perspective.

Questions regarding this pilot project may be directed to Jared Callahan,