Office of Public Guardian to Attend Virtual National Guardianship Association Conference

Office of Public Guardian to Attend Virtual National Guardianship Association Conference

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Each year, Associate Public Guardians (APGs) from the Office of Public Guardian attend the National Guardianship Association’s annual conference. The mission of the National Guardianship Association (NGA) is to advance the nationally recognized standard of excellence in guardianship. This conference, held annually each October, provides valuable continuing education opportunities for guardians and conservators. In addition to the NGA conference, Associate Public Guardians participate in many other continuing education opportunities throughout the year.

This year’s NGA conference was originally set to occur in Dallas, Texas, but moved to a virtual format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual attendees will be able to access all of the courses this year instead of having to pick breakout sessions. Being able to attend each breakout session essentially triples the opportunity for APGs to build new capacities and refresh existing skills. Each session can vary greatly, covering topics like financial management, supported decision making, end of life care, legal reviews (including a Judges Panel), and standards of practice. The conference will also feature virtual networking opportunities and the annual membership meeting.

Several Associate Public Guardians have attained their national certifications over the past year, while others are working towards certification. Maintaining certification as a National Certified Guardian is important for APGs like Lisa Ludden from the Norfolk service area. She states, “Each year, NGA provides continuing education that provides new updates and changes for guardians, as well as educational materials to continue to promote learning opportunities. Being a nationally certified guardian is an honor for me, to know that I am participating to my fullest ability and in turn being a greater advocate for those I serve.” APGs working towards their certification will be able to utilize their credits from this year’s conference to qualify for the exam.

Photo : APG Susan Mitchell participates in online learning.