I. Electronic Evidence Submitted to Courts

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I. Electronic Evidence Submitted to Courts

   1. When electronic evidence is used during trial, the submitting party/counsel should provide the court with

   (a) the original evidence, as amended through trial, on its submitted storage device with data preserved in its native format; and

   (b) a duplicate copy of the evidence, that shall be

   (i) formatted as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file (in read only format), a comma delimited data file, an XML file, a JPEG, an MPEG, or an MP3 audio file;

   (ii) provided on a secure and protected media storage device; and

   (iii) identified with an adhesive label that shall be affixed to each storage device legibly identifying the case caption, docket and page or case numbers, disk number (1 of 2, etc.), and the format(s) used.

   2. Such storage devices shall be for the exclusive use of the courts and authorized court personnel, unless otherwise ordered.