A. Eligibility

A. Eligibility

   All employees (including temporary) who are disabled as a result of a job-related injury or disease, which is deemed compensable by Worker's Compensation, may be granted injury leave not to exceed five of the employee's normal working days for any particular injury. Disabled shall mean unable to perform the tasks usually encountered in one's employment due either to any injury or disease or to treatments for any injury or disease. A working day is counted even if an employee is absent for any portion of his or her assigned shift. (For example, if an employee is injured at 3:00 p.m., and misses the final two hours of the work day, the absence will count as one day of the five possible days of injury leave.)

   Any job-related injury or disease shall be reported to the Administrative Office as soon as possible. The employee's supervisor is responsible to complete a First Report of Alleged Occupational Injury or Illness form. When this form is received from the supervisor, the Administrative Office shall have the responsibility of supplying all of the necessary information to the State of Nebraska Worker's Compensation Administrator. 

   No employee shall receive a salary (workers' compensation plus regular pay) in excess of his or her normal wage.

   Health insurance with the appropriate employer contribution will be paid during an absence under workers' compensation after all accrued leave and compensatory time has been depleted.

   If an employee requests or is placed on family/medical leave due to an injury or illness qualifying for workers' compensation, the Administrative Office will contact the State of Nebraska Workers' Compensation Administrator for coordination of workers' compensation and family/medical leave benefits.

Amended 7-9-15.