38. Educational Reimbursement

38. Educational Reimbursement

   Employees of the Judicial Branch may receive up to 15 credit hours annually of courses related to the job of an individual and may be reimbursed at the rate of 50 percent to 100 percent of the tuition costs. Employees are eligible to apply for tuition reimbursement after they have successfully completed their original provisional period. The course(s) may be on-line or by attendance of classes at a university, college, or vocational or technical school. Job relatedness and the percent of reimbursement shall be determined by the Administrative Office. However, such reimbursement shall not exceed the tuition rate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Such reimbursement is for tuition only and does not include fees or textbook costs.

   Until June 30, 2023, qualifying dependents may be eligible for tuition reimbursement. Any person up to the age of 26 that is a naturally born, legally adopted, stepchild, or ward of any current employee who has successfully completed his or her original provisional period is considered a dependent of the employee for the purposes of this policy. Any such dependent is eligible for tuition reimbursement by the Judicial Branch for up to 65 credit hours per eligible dependent at any participating Nebraska Community College.

   Application for tuition reimbursement is to be made prior to the start of the course(s) by the employee on a "Request for Tuition Reimbursement" form which is available from the Administrative Office.  Approval of the request must be secured by the employee from the immediate supervisor and the Administrative Office.

   Upon successful completion of any approved course of study, the employee shall submit a copy of a class record, a grade, and a receipt for tuition payment which will serve as the documentation for reimbursement of the approved amount. Eligibility for reimbursement requires a course grade of at least "C" or equivalent, or "pass" for pass/fail courses.  For dependent tuition reimbursement, payment shall be made directly to the employee parent. It is the responsibility of the employee parent and student to allocate the funds.

   Employees who receive tuition reimbursement for either themselves or a dependent may be required to reimburse the Judicial Branch if they leave their employment within 1 year of the course completion date.

   This rule applies to all employees of the Judicial Branch except judges.

Amended 4-23-08; amended 7-9-15; amended 6-1-22.