48. Political Activity

48. Political Activity

   An employee shall not participate in political activities while performing official state duties.

   An employee shall not use their state job to distribute or receive political favors.

   If an employee’s position is partially or entirely funded with federal money, the employee is covered by the federal Hatch Act and is barred from being a candidate for a partisan office (offices with candidates identified as being from specific political parties).

   For employees covered by these rules and also covered by the Hatch Act, the federal agency responsible for administering the Hatch Act should be consulted for specific restrictions on these employees. The agency responsible for administering and investigating violations of the Hatch Act is the Office of Special Counsel of the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board, 1120 Vermont Ave., N.W., Washington, DC  20419.

   If an employee wishes to take part in political activities during normally scheduled work hours, the employee must arrange for leave (vacation, leave without pay, etc.) to cover the period of absence.

   If an employee is elected to office, and such office presents a conflict of interest with the employee’s job, or interferes with the employee’s scheduled work hours, the employing agency has authority to change the terms and conditions of employment, up to and including termination of employment.

Amended 9-17-03.