B. Records to be Maintained

B. Records to be Maintained

   Each supervisor shall maintain the following personnel records:

1. Individual employees' monthly records of vacation, sick, and other leave taken and overtime hours earned on a time sheet for all full-time employees or a time card for part-time and temporary employees;

2. Job description/classification for each employee;

3. Record of salary;

4. Copies of all personnel transactions pertaining to individual employee; and

5. Employee performance report(s).

   Former employees' personnel files may be destroyed five years after the employees' separation date. A brief file or information card shall be retained containing former employees' dates of employment and rate of pay.

   Employees shall have the right to review their personnel file maintained at the employees' place of employment during regular office hours. Review may be done in the presence of a supervisor.

   Documentation (including performance reports) which reflects unfavorably on an employee or former employee shall not be placed in their personnel file without their knowledge.

   Employees or former employees have the right to file a written rebuttal within 30 calendar days from date of notice to any item placed in their personnel file with the exception of grievances settled in accordance with Supreme Court Grievance Procedures. This written rebuttal shall be placed in their personnel file.

   No negative documentation shall be placed in an employee's file after the dismissal, resignation or retirement of the employee unless the former employee is notified. Exceptions are reports, letters or documents originated and signed by the employee.

Amended 9-17-03.