1. Furlough Policy *

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1. Furlough Policy *

(* Note: See explanation under Other Related Policies.)

   Furlough is involuntary leave without pay for a preset number of hours during one or more pay periods. No paid leave times shall be taken by an employee during a furlough.

   If the Supreme Court deems it necessary to deviate from the standard workday or standard workweek due to shortage of funds, the Administrative Office shall submit a proposed furlough plan to the Supreme Court.

   The furlough plan to be submitted to the Supreme Court shall specify:

1. The purpose of the furlough.

2. The job classifications, specific offices, funding sources, or any combination thereof affected by the proposed plan.

3. The criteria used to select the classification, specific offices, funding sources, or any combination thereof included in the furlough.

4. The approximate duration of the proposed furlough.

5. The preset number of hours during one or more pay periods that will be reduced.

6. The estimated cost savings generated by the proposed furlough.

7. Any other information requested by the Supreme Court.

   After approval by the Supreme Court of a furlough plan, the Administrative Office shall notify appropriate supervisors of the affected offices. The supervisor shall notify employees affected by the furlough plan.

    An employee's accrual of vacation and sick leave will continue during furlough periods at otherwise authorized rates notwithstanding other rules to the contrary. Social Security and retirement contributions shall be reduced in proportion to the reduction in the employee's gross pay. Such furloughs shall not affect an employee's health insurance, continuous service, length of service, or eligibility for authorized holiday compensation or longevity increases.

    A furlough shall not be used as a disciplinary action against an employee.

Adopted 3-12-03