C. Mode of Travel

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C. Mode of Travel

Air Travel

   Air travel shall only be authorized by the State Court Administrator, State Probation Administrator, or Judicial Branch Education Director when it is more economical than surface transportation or will result in a substantial savings of expense or productive time.  Reimbursement for commercial air travel will be limited to "coach" fare if such seating is available at the time of ticket purchase.  Travel by privately-owned, state-owned, or personally rented airplanes must have the prior approval of the State Court Administrator, State Probation Administrator, or Judicial Branch Education Director.  Employees and officers should coordinate with the State Court Administrator, State Probation Administrator, or Judicial Branch Education Director in booking air travel. The submission of a receipt showing booking terms is required for reimbursement.


Personal Automobiles

   An employee will be reimbursed for use of a personal vehicle while on work-related business (this does not include commuting miles). When reimbursement is claimed for mileage by personal automobile, the points between which said mileage occurred, the times of arrival and departure, and the necessity and purpose of such travel should be shown on such claim.  The license number, the employee's NIS number (the NIS number is shown on paycheck stub information available online), the owner of the automobile used, and the rate per mile being claimed should also be shown.  Total mileage will be reimbursed at the current mileage rate per mile per vehicle as determined by the Nebraska Supreme Court regardless of the fact that one or more persons may have been transported in the same vehicle.  Funds expended for parking may be claimed in addition to mileage.

   If an officer or employee chooses to use his or her personal automobile in lieu of air travel even though air travel is a more economical method of transportation, the officer or employee will be reimbursed only the amount equal to the cost of the airfare.  Other expenses such as lodging and meals that may be incurred because of traveling by personal automobile will not be reimbursed.

   It is recommended that if a state vehicle is available, it be used in lieu of a personal vehicle when traveling in excess of 50 miles.                       


State Vehicles

   No reimbursement for mileage will be allowed when such mileage accrues while using an automobile owned by the State of Nebraska.

   Permanent state vehicle assignment will be considered when a vehicle is required for a period of 30 days or longer, will travel a minimum of 1,000 miles, and will be utilized 17 working days monthly.

   Requests for permanently assigned vehicles should be submitted to the Administrative Office of the Courts/Probation at least 20 working days in advance of the required date. Requests should include the date the vehicle is desired; the type of vehicle desired, i.e., compact, intermediate, or regular sedan, et cetera; the estimated monthly mileage; the name of the principal driver; and the office location.

   Personal use of any state-owned vehicle is prohibited by statute and is a Class V misdemeanor.  See Neb. Rev. Stat. §81-1024 (Reissue 1999).

   Whenever a state vehicle is permanently assigned to an officer or employee of the court, additional policies regarding the use of a state vehicle should be requested from the Administrative Office of the Courts/Probation.

   Officers and employees are encouraged to carpool for travel to events, and the Administrative Office of the Courts/Probation reserves the right to require carpooling with state vehicles for specified functions.