F. Expense Reimbursement Document (Expense Voucher)

F. Expense Reimbursement Document (Expense Voucher)

   Expense vouchers should be submitted at least once a month but may be submitted more often if desired. Expense voucher forms are available online at: https://supremecourt.nebraska.gov/sites/default/files/HR-2-05.pdf. All expenses should be listed for conferences separately from other monthly travel expenses.  Employees and officers must include their NIS number on the expense voucher.  The NIS number is shown on paycheck stub information available online.

   Expenses should be itemized so that the nature, purpose, and necessity of each item are apparent.  Expense vouchers should include the time and place of departure and the time of return to the headquarter city in each instance.  All items claimed for reimbursement for any one trip should be included on the same expense voucher.

   One officer or employee may be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred on behalf of another officer or employee, such as when two employees sharing a motel room are billed jointly and one officer or employee pays the bill.  The officer or employee to be reimbursed should provide the same detailed information on the expense voucher that would have been required if each officer or employee had been billed individually.  In all cases, when one officer or employee is requesting reimbursement for expenses of more than one officer or employee, original receipts should be provided, and the officers or employees' names listed and documents cross-referenced, when applicable.  If two officers or employees are billed jointly, but each pays half and each requests reimbursement separately, the documents should be cross-referenced, since one officer or employee usually will not have an original receipt.

   Expenses will be paid for officers and employees of the courts and probation only.  In cases in which a spouse or other individual accompanies the officer or employee on official business, only the expenses of the officer or employee will be paid.  In such cases, lodging and other receipts should indicate the appropriate single person charge.

   Original signatures on all expense vouchers are required from both the officer or employee and appropriate supervisor (Division Approval).  No stamped signatures will be accepted.