4. Standards

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4. Standards


   In order to obtain approval of the Administration as an approved continuous alcohol monitoring device, a manufacturer shall confirm in writing to the Administrator that the unit(s) comply, or substantially comply, with the following specifications and requirements.

   a. The continuous alcohol monitoring device shall contain a bracelet, a modem and a secure web-based network application.

   b. The bracelet shall be worn 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by an individual sentenced to probation and the bracelet shall contain a sensor pack that measures ethanol vapor as it mitigates through the skin to determine BAC.  The bracelet shall be tamper-resistant, water-resistant and wear-resistant.  The bracelet shall collect, store and transfer data via an RF link to the modem.  The bracelet shall sample the individual sentenced to probation at least once per hour and every reading shall be date-stamped, time-stamped and stored in a memory chip.  If the bracelet detects alcohol or a tamper attempt, the bracelet shall automatically begin sampling every 30 minutes until alcohol is no longer present.  The bracelet shall make an attempt to communicate with the modem after each test.

   c. A modem is placed in the home (or another approved telephone-enabled location) of the individual sentenced to probation.  At a scheduled time each day, the individual sentenced to probation shall be required to be within 30 feet of the modem so as the bracelet can communicate with the modem.  Using a proprietary 9000 MHz frequency, the modem shall retrieve all available data from the bracelet.  In the event of a positive reading or a tamper alarm, the bracelet shall immediately begin looking for the modem and the data shall upload as soon as the individual sentenced to probation is within range.  When a data transmission occurs, the modem shall send all data to a secure web-based network application via a standard telephone line.  Alcohol reading, tamper alerts and diagnostic data are all communicated to the aforesaid secure web-based network application.  In turn, the secure web-based network application uses the modem to download monitoring and reporting schedules to the bracelet.

   d. The secure web-based network application shall be accessed via the Internet using a standard web browser so that monitoring personnel control the testing, synchronization and reporting schedules for each individual sentenced to probation.  Within one working day, the manufacturer or their representative shall notify the court of all positive alcohol readings, tamper alerts or equipment malfunctions.   The secure web-based network application additionally shall offer around the clock access to all test results from any location.

   e. The manufacturer and/or representative shall supply for each continuous alcohol monitoring device a warning label which shall carry the following language, “WARNING! ANY ACTUAL OR ATTEMPTED TAMPERING OF THIS DEVICE CAN SUBJECT YOU TO ADDITIONAL PENALTIES.”

   f. Upon the demonstration by the manufacturer of a continuous alcohol monitoring device that said device complies, or substantially complies, with the criteria outlined by the aforesaid standards, the Administrator may issue a certificate of approval.  The Administrator shall maintain a list of approved continuous alcohol monitoring devices and their manufacturers or representative.